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KIT - U. Chile Collaborative Projects: Preliminary results from a 380.000 km2 seismically covered area

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    Prof. Dr. Diana Comte
    Universität Chile

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Seismic tomography is a very useful tool to understand the interior of the Earth at very different scales, but as other geophysical techniques, it is extremely dependent on data. Because of its location above an active subduction boundary, Chile is an excellent place that is always generating a high rate of seismicity along almost the whole country, because it is located along an active subduction boundary.

Generation of datasets by recorded earthquakes seems to be solved in Chile. However, catalogs are not always built under a high density of seismic stations which reduce the in-between spacing and therefore the resolution of the inversion associated to the seismic tomography.

During the last few years, we deployed dense seismic networks in northern and central Chile in a close collaboration with the Prof. Andreas Rietbrock team, therefore the aim of this Seminar talk is to present the results that we have up to now. I will show tomographic images obtained by our large-scale deployments from the Pichilemu (Daniela Calle, MSc thesis submitted to J. Seismology) and Valparaiso (Andrea Navarro, Msc thesis, manuscript in prep.) regions. Preliminary results of the southern part of the Copiapó seismic gap, the Mw 8.4, 2015 Illapel earthquake and the active seismic experiment in northern Chile (MSc Valentina Reyes) will be also presented.

Finally, in relation to the different scales that seismic tomography allows us to explore, I will discuss the results associated to mining exploration.

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