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Three-dimensional seismic tomography in the source area of the 2016 Pedernales earthquake: Comparison with seismic source mechanisms
22.01.2019, 09:00 - 10:00
6.42, Raum 001

KIT, Campus West
Geb. 06.42
Hertzstraße 16
76187 Karlsruhe

On 16th April 2016 a MW 7.8 earthquake occurred in the Pedernales region located in the central coastal segment of Ecuador. Immediately after the earthquake a dense temporary network was deployed in collaboration with several international institutions covering the rupture area. Emergency instrumentation deployment complemented the permanent Ecuadorian network and recorded the developing aftershock sequence for one year after the mainshock. A subset of events recorded between May and August 2016 were manually located to get accurate P- and S-wave arrival times. This high-quality data set of 229 events was subsequently inverted to obtain a minimum 1D velocity model, hypocentral locations and station corrections. The minimum 1D model will be use as a starting point to calculate a 3D tomography with a larger dataset under construction. Main goal of this research is to build a reliable 3D model that help us to understand the structures in the Ecuadorian margin that might control the occurrence of large megathrust earthquakes.

Sergio León
Geophysikalisches Institut (GPI)
Hertzstrasse 16
76187 Karlsruhe
E-Mail:webmasterPfl5∂gpi kit edu
Mitarbeitende, Studierende

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