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Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohlen

Hertzstr. 16

Gebäude 6.36 

76187 Karlsruhe



thomas bohlenEpb6∂kit edu

Finite-Difference Seismic Wave Simulation

The seismic working group develops 2-D and 3-D time domain finite-difference numerical methods which are applicable to arbitrary complex media. Domain decomposition by using MPI allows to use modern cluster technology.

Wave Simulation Software


Full Waveform Inversion

Full waveform inversion (FWI) is a cutting-edge inverse method that accounts for the full seismic waveform recorded over a broad range of frequencies and apertures. It iteratively retrieves multiparameter models of the subsurface by solving the full wave equation. It furher allows for a mapping of structures on spatial scales down to less than the seismic wavelength, hence providing a tremendous improvement of resolution compared to traveltime based methods.

Full Waveform Inversion Software