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PD Dr. Joachim Ritter

PD Dr. Joachim Ritter

Hertzstr. 16

Gebäude 6.36 

76187 Karlsruhe


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05/2009 - 09/2013

Deep Structure of the Central Upper Rhine Graben - 2 (TIMO2)

TIMO2 recording station. Typical temporary recording station in the cellar of a building. The seismometer is in the background inside the blue isolation box. The datalogger, battery and other components are inside the green box. At most stations the raw data are stored in a hard disk which is changed every 2-3 months. Author: J. Ritter / W. SchererTIMO2 is the second project phase of TIMO. Within TIMO2 we study local seismicity in the Central Upper Rhine Graben using passive seismic monitoring techniques. TIMO2 is cooperation with the State Geological Survey of Rheinland-Pfalz. The continuous recordings are stored at the data centre and will be used also for studying the lower lithosphere and upper mantle. TIMO2 contributes to the project MAGS which is financed by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and coordinated by the BGR, Hannover.

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apl. Prof. Dr. +49 (0)721 608 44539 joachim ritterJcw7∂kit edu

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