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Dr. Thomas Forbriger

Black Forest Observatory (BFO)

Heubach 206

77709 Wolfach



thomas forbrigerZpv8∂kit edu

Instruments to Measure the Earth's Magnetic Field


  • 1 fluxgate gradiometer Grad601 from Bartington for the vertical component
  • 2 Proton magnetometer ELSEC Type770, Littlemore, Englan
  • 1 Proton magnetometer Geometrics G-856
  • 1 Jalander fluxgatemagnetometer for measurement of the vertical component
  • 2 GfZ torsion magnetometer
  • 1 calibration coil for torsion magnetometer
  • 1 gradiometer Grad 601 (Single Axis Magnetic Gradiometer) Bartington-Instruments
  • 3 three axis magnetic field sensor type Mag-03MS100 Bartington-Instruments



Three Axis Magnetic Field Sensor, Author: GPIExperimental setup, Author: GPIGFZ torsion magnetometer and Proton magnetometer, Author: GPI