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Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohlen

Claudia Payne

Hertzstr. 16

Building 6.36

76187 Karlsruhe


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claudia payneErn8∂kit edu


The research field “Applied Geophysics” investigates and develops full waveform inversion and finite-difference forward simulation techniques. These new methods are applied to different spatial scales such as environmental and engineering geophysics (ground and groundwater related) and hydrocarbon exploration. The corresponding software is available under the GNU GPL. Scientific work related to these topics is conducted within national and international research programs, and the Wave- Inversion Technology consortium (WIT).



Research Topics and Projects

Software for FD-Simulation and inversion of seismic waves


Tomography and inversion of elastic wave fields

  • Acquisition and inversion of shallow seismic surface waves - MIFO

  • Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography - TOAST

  • Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits in the Black Sea with Full Waveform Inversion - SUGAR

  • HPC-toolbox for the simulation and inversion of wave fields  - WAVE

  • CRC 1173: wave phenomena
    subproject C2 - seismic imaging by full waveform inversion