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Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohlen

Claudia Payne

Hertzstr. 16

Building 6.36

76187 Karlsruhe


thomas bohlenHrh0∂kit edu
claudia payneLzs7∂kit edu

WIT Logo

Wave Inversion Technology Consortium - Group Karlsruhe

Research Topics and Projects

Software for FD-Simulation and inversion of seismic waves


Tomography and inversion of elastic wave fields

  • Acquisition and inversion of shallow seismic surface waves - MIFO

  • Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography - TOAST

  • Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits in the Black Sea with Full Waveform Inversion - SUGAR

  • HPC-toolbox for the simulation and inversion of wave fields  - WAVE

  • CRC 1173: wave phenomena
    subproject C2 - seismic imaging by full waveform inversion