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PD Dr. Joachim Ritter

Kerstin Dick

Hertzstr. 16

Building 6.42

76187 Karlsruhe



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Further Information


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Research Topics and Projects

Deep Seismic Structure

  • Upper mantle underneath the Scandinavian Mountains - MAGNUS

  • Deep structure of the Central Upper Rhine Graben - TIMO



  • Microseismicity near geothermal installations - TIMO2, URS2

  • Microseismicity and meteorological events - METSEIS


Seismic Noise

  • Extraction of signals from seismic noise - URS, URS2

  • Characterisation of seismic noise - URS, URS2

  • Seismic noise and meteorological events - METSEIS


Earthquake Source Physics

  • Parkfield Experiment to Record MIcroseismicity and Tremor - PERMIT 
  • Stress transfer and Quaternary faulting in the Alpine foreland (DFG
    SPP2017, Mountain Building Processes in four Dimensions; AlpArray) - Stress Transfer


KArlsruhe BroadBand Array - KABBA

  • Operation and maintenance of 38 seismic broadband stations

  • data centre


Black Forest Observatory - BFO

  • Continuous, high-sensitive observations of long-period deformations, gravity variations, and the components of Earth's magnetic field

  • Distribution of the obtained time series through international data centres (IRIS/IDA, SZGRF, Intermagnet, GNSS Data Centre, GGP)

  • Studies to improve observation methods and instruments for geodynamic research

  • Studies of the Earth's free modes

  • Studies of long-period and secular variations of Earth's gravity

  • Hosting experiments of external scientists and providing high-quality reference data