Adam Ciesielski, M. Sc.

  • Hertzstrasse 16
    76187 Karlsruhe

Adam Ciesielski conducts a PhD research in Tidal Analysis (of gravity signal) since July 2017, focusing on understanding Temporal Variation of Tidal Parameters. The PhD project in Geophysics at the Geophysical Institute is coordinated by the Geodetic Institute in close collaboration with the BFO (Schiltach).


  • Gravity

  • Tidal analysis

  • Temporal variations

  • Long period Seismology

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Physics


  • Tutorial on "Physics of Seismic Instruments"


Journal Articles
Stability of radiation-pressure dominated disks - I. The dispersion relation for a delayed heating α-viscosity prescription
Ciesielski, A.; Wielgus, M.; Kluźniak, W.; Sądowski, A.; Abramowicz, M.; et al.
2012. Astronomy and astrophysics, (538), A148/1–10. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201117478