The three-year German-language Bachelor's program in Geophysics comprises 180 credit points and offers a widespread basic education in all fields of Geophysics. It has a self-contained professional profile, but also provides access to a Master's program in Geophysics or related subjects. Graduates of the Bachelor's program in Geophysics at KIT meet the admission requirements for the Master's program in Geophysics at KIT without any proof of the required knowledge of English. Individual courses from the Master's program can even be completed during the Bachelor's program within the framework of the Master's precedence.

Official Documents:

Contents of the Bachelor's program in Geophysics:

  • Geophysics: wide-spread basic knowledge in the main fields of Geophysics, comprehensive practical education in laboratory and field exercises as well as in advanced seismological field exercises, work experience/internship (also possible abroad), signal analysis, introduction to inversion as well as methodological competence.
  • Geosciences: basics in geology, choice of geoscientific subjects (geosciences or physical geodesy and satellite geodesy or geoinformatics or engineering and hydrogeology)
  • Physics: profound knowledge of experimental and theoretical physics
  • Mathematics: profound knowledge of higher mathematics
  • Computer education: programming, computer and program usage, visualization, processing of geophysical data
  • Additional elective subjects: Elective subjects from geophysical in-situ lectures (lectures in the field, partly abroad), international summer schools, e.g. in the field of natural hazards, lectures in physics, meteorology, geosciences, volcanology and related subjects can be taken individually.

The structure of the program is shown in the Module Handbook (in German).

Application: Applications can be made via the KIT’s Student Service. The Bachelor's program can only be started in the winter semester. The program is not restricted in admission. Normally, about 10-15 first semesters student enrol in the Bachelor's program in Geophysics each year. All deadlines, the current admission and matriculation regulations and further details on application can be found under the following link: Application for the Bachelor's program in Geophysics 

Recognition of achievements: The recognition of academic achievements from within or outside the higher education system can be requested from the Vice-Chairman of the KIT Department Examination Board. Students are advised to contact the academic counseling service beforehand.