Deep structures and seismotectonic of Mongol-Baikal region

  • Venue:


  • Date:

    July 2, 2024


  • Speaker:

    Zhouchuan Huang

    Professor from Nanjing Uni., China

  • Time:

    9:30 am


In this topic, I will introduce recent results of upper mantle structures beneath the Mongol-Baikal region. The Mongol-Baikal region is located in the center of the Eurasian Plate. But it is experiencing strong tectonic activities like continental rift, mega-earthquakes, active volcanoes, etc. However, the mechanism of the active tectonics is still unclear.  We determined 3-D seismic velocity structures, seismic anisotropy, and lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Mongol-Baikal region. We found notable lithospheric delamination under the Hangay Dome which represents the center of the Mongolian Plateau. Low velocity and weak azimuthal anisotropy are found under the Hangay Dome, which supports vertical mantle upwelling following the lithospheric delamination. Three mega earthquake (M> 8.0) are located above a high-velocity ring in the lithosphere surrounding the Hangay Dome, which suggests possible link between large earthquakes and deep structures in the lithosphere.