Geophysics in practice - An insight to UXO detection

  • Venue:

    Geb. 06.42 - Room 001 (Seminar Room) / Online

  • Date:


  • Speaker:

    Mark Wienoebst

    GPI alumni, now working in industry

    (UXO detection)

  • Time:

    9:30 am

  • Source:

    Mark Wienöbst received his B.Sc. (2016) and his M.Sc. (2020) in Geophysics at GPI, KIT including an exchange semester in Tromsø, Norway (2017). After his studies he started to work at Tauber Explosive Management - a company dealing with explosive ordnance disposal. Mark’s main task is the execution and analysis of geophysical measurements.


In Germany there is still an excessive amount of unexploded ordnance (UXO) hidden in the subsurface. Prior to digging at construction sites it is obligatory to survey the area with regard to UXO. This includes the analysis of aerial images taken by the Allied forces and – if necessary –geophysical measurements (geomagnetics, TDEM, GPR) performed at the suspected area. This talk gives an overview of the typical process from the initial suspicion to the disposal with a main focus on the geophysical measurements including real data examples.