What can neural networks tell us about earthquake rupture predictability? Using machine learning for real-time magnitude estimation

  • Venue:

    Geb. 06.42 - Room 001 (Seminar Room) / Online

  • Date:


  • Speaker:

    Jannes Münchmeyer

    GFZ Potsdam

  • Time:

    9:30 am

  • Jannes Münchmeyer is a PhD student at GFZ Potsdam and Humboldt-University Berlin under the supervision of Frederik Tilmann and Ulf Leser. He is a mathematician by training and has previously worked in bioinformatics and biomedical text mining. In his research, he develops machine learning approaches for seismic data, focusing on applications to earthquake early warning and rupture predictability. He is a developer of the SeisBench framework (http://seisbench.org) for machine learning in seismology.