Dr.  Laura Gaßner Laura Gassner

Dr. Laura Gaßner


  • Seismic measurements in the vicinity of wind turbines

  • Modelling and inversion of seismic waves

  • Marine seismics


  • Computer and program usage at the GPI (WS)

  • Exercises for "Inversion and tomography" (SS)

  • Geophysical field exercises, refraction seismic experiment (SS)


Conference Papers
Ground motions from wind turbines and their relation to acoustic emissions and resident annoyance
Gaßner, L.; Ritter, J.
2022. Proceedings of the International Congress on Acoustics, International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) 
Journal Articles
Joint interpretation of geophysical field experiments in the danube deep-sea fan, Black Sea
Bialas, J.; Bohlen, T.; Dannowski, A.; Eisenberg-Klein, G.; Gassner, L.; et al.
2020. Marine and petroleum geology, 121, Article no: 104551. doi:10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2020.104551