Seismic signals from wind farms - Observations and modelling

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    Fabian Limberger


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    9:30 am

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    I am working at the Institute for Geothermal Resource Management and at the same time i am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Georg Rümpker at the Goethe-University Frankfurt (seismology group). I studied Geophysics (BSc and MSc) at the University in Karlsruhe (KIT). After my graduation, I worked 1.5 years in educational projects at schools, but found my way back to geophysics, especially to seismological topics. In my research, i am analysing seismic signals from wind turbines and i am developing and tools to predict such signals. Furthermore i install and maintain seismic networks to monitor induced seismicity at geothermal reservoirs, for example.


Being mechanically coupled to the earth, wind turbines generate ground vibrations, which can have adverse effects on the capability of seismic stations to detect and analyse earthquakes; nevertheless, the distances at which these signals modulate seismic records are disputed between the operators of wind farms and seismic stations. We analyse the seismic signals of a small wind farm consisting of three linearly arranged wind turbines. The wave propagation is recorded along two profiles of about 4 km length, oriented parallel and perpendicular to the wind farm axis. One of the goals is the prediction of the wind turbine emissions at distance. Based on our observations and models we show that the wind farm geometry, interferences of the wavefields from the multiple wind turbines, and the local topography can have complex effects on the wave propagation. However, we are developing methods to better understand the emission of the signals produced by wind turbines and to handle the prediction of these signals.