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Juli 2018
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Geophysiker Alexander Gerst im Weltall


Wir gratulieren unserem Alumnus Dr. Alexander Gerst zum erfolgreichen Start in den Weltraum und wünschen ihm einen spannenden Aufenthalt in der ISS.


Geophysikalisches Institut - KIT
InSight launched at 4:05 a.m. PDT (1:05 p.m. CEST) Saturday May 5th from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.


A three-component broad-band seismometer, a three-component short-period seismometer, and other instruments are on their journey to Mars. They are expected to land on the planets surface on Nov. 26th 2018. The seismometers, which were thoroughly tested at Black Forest Observatory (BFO) in preparation of the mission, shall record Mars-quakes. Scientists hope to infer Mars‘ internal structure from these signals.


Video of the Atlas V rocket carrying InSight into space

Radio broadcast (podcast for download) of the SWR (Südwestrundfunk)


Black Forest Observatory (BFO)
Andreas Schäfer participated in press conference at EGU, Vienna


From tsunamis to floods and storm surges, coastal areas are particularly prone to natural disasters. This press conference, hold on 

Thursday , 12 April, at EGU, Vienna, looked at the effects from hazards we can expect to impact the world’s coastlines. One of the participants was Andreas Schäfer from GPI.

Link to the webstreaming


Andreas Schäfer at GPI
Last Test of Mars-Seismometers before launch Start


A last time before launch in May 2018 the seismometers for the Insight-Mission to Mars were tested at BFO (Black Forest Observatory). In the week between March 12th and 16th the twins of the instruments for the space mission were installed in a vault at BFO. In direct comparison with observatory sensors of established high quality the Mars-seismometers shall demonstrate their performance capacity.


Photograph of the Insight-Teams during the recent tests at BFO

Press release


Black Forest Observatory (BFO)
Preise für Präsentationen auf der DGG Tagung 2018


Gleich zwei Preise für Präsentationen von Nachwuchswissenschaftlern wurden an GPI-Mitglieder auf der 78. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen 2018 in Leoben vergeben: B.Sc. Valérie Krampe wurde für ihr Poster „Effects of seismic anisotropy on near-surface full-waveform inversion“ ausgezeichnet. M.Sc. Michael Grund wurde für seinen Vortrag „Observation of lowermost mantle anisotropy beneath the East European Craton and at the northern edge of the African LLSVP“ geehrt.


Seismologie am KIT