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Next Seminar Talk


Eva Schroth (GPI/GIK):

"Influence of non-stationary ocean loading on the M2 tidal parameters investigated with time-stepping, non-linear ocean models"


Tue, 23.07.2019 09:30 a.m., Seminarroom GPI (Building 6.42)


Seminar of the Geophysical Institute
In Situ Lecture on Induced Seismicity


15 students studying in the Geophysics Master degree program at KIT had the chance to take part in an in situ lecture in Thuringia between 1 - 4 July 2019 on Induced Seismicity. Induced Seismicity occurs due to man-made causes such as fluid injection/ retrieval, water reservoirs, mass movement or mine collapse. During four days in Thuringia students visited a deep potash mine at Merkers and Leibis-Lichte reservoir dam where induced seismicity is monitored using geophysical instrumentation. Furthermore they looked at (natural) mass movement and transportation ways (veins) for fluids in rock masses. 

In Situ Lectures at GPI
Oberstufenschüler forschten im Schülerlabor


Am Dienstag, 25.6.19, experimentierten Oberstufenschülerinnen und -schüler des Trifels-Gymnasiums in Annweiler im Schülerlabor Geophysik. Sie führten an verschiedenen Stationen Experimente zur Seismologie und Geoelektrik durch. Dabei erhielten sie Einblicke in die geophysikalische Messtechnik, die Datenregistrierung, deren Auswertung und Interpretation und konnten erfahren, wie Wissenschaftler arbeiten.

Schülerlabor am GPI
Michael Grund receives Bernd Rendel-Prize 2019 of the DFG


Michael Grund receives the Bernd Rendel-Preis 2019 of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for his
promising and original geoscientific research.  This prize is given to extraordinary research of young
scientists. Michael achieved high quality results within a broad spectrum of seismological and geoscientific
research and he published his achievements in renowned journals.

DFG Press Release (in german)
GPI conducts DAAD Summer School on Seismology in Indonesia


Funded by DAAD, KIT lecturers conduct a Summer School on the topic of "Modern Seismology: Applications from geothermal to natural hazards" in Indonesia, between 8 and 19 April, 2019. Participants from five different universities are taking part in this Summer School which aims to attract qualified foreign students and doctoral candidates, provides professional training, and makes cultural exchange between participants possible. Thus, also 7 students from GPI are able to join the international Summer School which is held on Bali, Lombok and Java.

Courses at GPI
TV-Sendung in 3sat, nano über Eifel Erdbeben Projekt


In der Wissenschaftssendung nano wurde über das DEEP-TEE Projekt
(Deep Eifel Earthquakes Project - Tiefe Eifel Erdbeben) berichtet. J. Ritter
erklärt darin die neuesten Erkenntnisse zu den lokalen tiefen Mikrobeben

Nano in der 3sat-Mediathek
Neue Forschungsergebnisse zum Eifel-Vulkanismus


Wissenschaftler von GPI und anderen Forschungseinrichtungen präsentieren erstmals Hinweise auf von Magmabewegungen verursachte tiefe und niedrigfrequente Erdbeben unter dem Laacher-See-Vulkan.


Pressemitteilung des KIT
New Video: Study Master Geophysics@KIT


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) offers a two year Master's program in Geophysics. It is given in English and includes topics on Earthquake and Exploration Seismology as well as Natural Hazards. Teaching takes place in small groups and In Situ Lectures are taught right on site at geophysically fascinating locations. To enter the Master's program you need a solid background in mathematics and physics.
Watch the video

International Master Program in Geophysics


The Geophysical Institute of KIT